Did You Know...?

Read each true/false statement and test your answers by placing your cursor over the question mark.

People prone to delinquency and violence have fewer vivid fantasies.
Most university students are "evening" persons whose performance improves throughout the day.
People who sleep seven to eight hours a night tend to outlive those chronically sleep-deprived.
The most common dreams are those with sexual imagery.
The majority of the characters in men's dreams are female.
Most psychologists believe that dreams provide a key to understanding our inner conflicts.
Under hypnosis, people can be induced to perform feats they would otherwise find impossible.
Under hypnosis, people can be induced to perform acts they would otherwise find immoral.
Those given morphine to control pain often become addicted to the drug.
In large amounts, alcohol is a depressant; in small amounts, it is a stimulant.