Did You Know...?
Hormones & The Brain

Read each true/false statement and test your answers by placing your cursor over the question mark.

A small amount of brain tissue from a person cannot be distinguished from that of a monkey.
The human brain produces its own natural opiates that elevate mood and ease pain.
The brain accounts for a larger percentage of body weight in humans than in any other species.
Electrically stimulating a cat's brain at a certain point can cause the animal to cower in terror in the presence of a small mouse.
Both animals and humans seem to have reward centers located in the brain.
We ordinarily use only 10 percent of our brains.
Some people can write but are unable to read.
If a blind person uses one finger to read Braille, the brain area dedicated to that finger expands.
Adult humans cannot generate new brain cells.
Some people have had the hemispheres of their brains split with no apparent ill effect.