Did You Know...?
Human Development

Read each true/false statement and test your answers by placing your cursor over the question mark.

If a mother drinks heavily, her baby may be mentally retarded.
Newborns see only a blur of meaningless light and dark shades.
Before age 2, infants cannot think.
Infants initially develop close attachment to their mothers merely because they provide nourishment.
Most abusive parents were themselves battered or neglected as children.
Nine of 10 high-school seniors agree with the statement, "On the whole, I'm satisfied with myself."
Menopause creates significant psychological problems for women.
Most mothers are depressed for a time after their children grow up, leave home, and marry.
People in their twenties and thirties report greater life satisfaction than those in their sixties and seventies.
The first two years of life provide a good basis for predicting a person's eventual personality traits.