Did You Know...?

Read each true/false statement and test your answers by placing your cursor over the question mark.

Lowly animals, like sea snails, behave by instinct and are incapable of learning.
Humans are the only animals that can learn behaviors merely by observing others perform them.
The study of inner thoughts, feelings, and motives has always occupied a central place in psychology.
A person can be more readily conditioned to fear snakes and spiders than to fear flowers.
With training, pigeons can be taught to discriminate a Bach composition from a Stravinsky composition.
Negative reinforcement is another term for punishment.
Psychologists agree that punishment, regardless of its form, has little effect on behavior.
Animals learn only when rewards are given.
Animals can learn to make virtually any response if consistently rewarded for it.
Research indicsates that televised violence leads to aggressive behavior by children and teenagers who watch the programs.