Did You Know...?
Research Methodology

Read each true/false statement and test your answers by placing your cursor over the question mark.

Human intuition is remarkably accurate and free from error.
Most people seem to lack confidence in the accuracy of their beliefs.
Case studies are particularly useful because of the similarities we all share.
We tend to overestimate the number of people who share our attitudes and beliefs.
The opinions of 1500 randomly selected people can provide a very accurate picture of the opinions of an entire nation.
The scientific finding that children who watch violence on television tend to be violent proves that viewing violence causes it.
Listening to a tape with a subliminal message suggesting that you have a good memory can actually help improve your memory.
The purpose of the experiment is to re-create behaviors exactly as they occur in everyday life.
An analysis of the research indicates that psychologists have sometimes unnecessarily caused extreme pain to animals.
As a science, psychology is objective and value-free.